Vinod Gupta: What He’s Doing With His Money

Born in the village of Rampur Maniharan near Saharanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India in the mid-1940’s, Vinod Gupta grew up with no access to stable education, or electricity, running water, roads and other modern-day amenities. Vinod Gupta was taken into the Indian Air Force in 1964 where he excelled, attaining the rank of Squadron Leader of the 14th Squadron when he left the Air Force.


He attended I.T.T. in Kharagpur where he received a B.Tech degree in agricultural engineering in 1967. He came to the United States the summer after graduating. Flying to Omaha, Nebraska on money his family had to borrow, he got his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Getting a job in marketing at Commodore Corporation in their mobile homes manufacturing division.


It would be at Commodore that Vinod Gupta noticed a huge gap in information: It was difficult to assemble competitor or business to business services. He began by assembling lists of competitors in mobile home manufacture from various Yellow Pages phone directories he ordered. He tried to sell his list to Commodore, but they declined, so with an initial investment of $100 Vinod began a mail-order business.


Years went by, the internet became a thing and Vinod’s company kept expanding until it was sold in 2010 for $680,000,000. Vinod has dedicated his fortune to helping get quality education for kids, especially women, in America and India. Read This Article for related information.


After not receiving a formal education during his early life, Vinod saw the positive role it played for him and wanted to help provide that. He has set up multiple charities in his and his son’s name that help fund schools and give students grants. He began a school in his own town where he covers all costs, from transportation to textbooks.


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