Vijay Eswaran: A Man That Never Stops

How does a man from humble beginnings, working construction, picking grapes, and driving a taxi, amass a five hundred-million-dollar fortune? Well, first by graduating with a socio-economic degree from the London School of Economics in 1984, then continuing to get a professional qualification from CIMA in the UK, because of his interest in the Binary System Marketing.

He went on to earn an MBA from the Southern Illinois University in 1986. Vijay Eswaran was working in Multi-Level Marketing for Synapsis in the U.S., when he co-founded a (MLM, which is an ecommerce company that eventually grew into what is today, called the QI Group.

QI Group is a multifaceted company that does multi-level marketing online, with many different divisions. They have direct selling and ecommerce, lifestyle and leisure, luxury, training and education, property development and management, and logistics. They have grown into a multinational business throughout thirty countries. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

This is a company that believes in giving people entrepreneurship abilities to succeed with their (MLM) that works. It’s not a get rich scheme. You must work at it, but you can succeed, which has obviously been beneficial to both their customers and the company.

Mr. Eswaran is a great philanthropist, who believes in helping others. He started the RYTHM Foundation, within the QI Group that is involved in many organizations across the world.

In Malaysia, he created the Vijayaratnam Foundation, in honor of his father to help child mentoring, youth development, women empowerment and special education. Mr. Eswaran has been awarded many awards for all his contributions.

Vijay has not slowed down, even in great success. He is a renowned author with many books under his wing.

He has done many speeches throughout the world, and continues to do so on a daily basis. For more information on Mr. Eswaran, and the QI Group, you can look online at: and


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