Tammy Mazzocco Shares About Her Journey In Real Estate Development

Tammy Mazzocco started her career in real estate by working as the secretary of The Edwards Reality Company, which has been functioning as a commercial real estate firm. She served in this company with nine other commercial agents and the seven years she spent working on condominium management offered her a chance to explore the industry and earn skills that today support her ambition of running an independent facility in the real estate industry. Today, Tammy Mazzocco sells residential real estate within Franklin, Licking, in Ohio, and her career has been booming.

How the idea to join real estate came

Having worked with different people and under various authorities, Tammy Mazzocco(tammymazz.com) built her career well to become a respectable real estate expert. She met with a manager in the industry, who was fascinated by her prowess and skills and during interactions she was encouraged to join the real estate industry to pursue a professional service as an agent. She admitted on her Ideamensch interview, that this idea would later pay and her effort saw her grow to rank among highly sought after professionals in the industry.

More about Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco has built her career in real estate over more than two decades and her great experience has seen her launch an agency that has helped her to stand out in the industry. She worked in condominium management for a period of seven years and during this period she interacted with stakeholders and investors in various specialties.

It is through these connections she was able to gather vital information about the industry and how to pursue different subjects. Her day kicks off with some meditation then stretching and if possible, she gets some tasks out of her way before she gets to her office. She leads and active life and is passionate about offering solutions to complex challenges.


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  1. Aubrianna Zavier says:

    I thought of some of the career goals of some of my friends and I believe that reading about this profile would be a great addition. As well looking at Ninja Essays, I would be able to have the impact by sharing some of the ideas to them and make them share the same insight. Working such that there is no looking back is one of the value in Tammy’s work ethics and challenge.

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