Securus Technologies Addresses Public Safety Issue with their Wireless Containment Solution

On February 6th, 2017, Securus Technologies announced that their implementation of another Wireless Containment Solution (WCS) was up and running. The company had recently launched a similar project whose purpose was to curb contraband items, particularly cell phones, from entering prisons. The beauty of this technology is that, other than preventing illegal network access, it further tracks down the electronic identities of the devices. This is a significant stride in intelligence and prevention of crimes.


The Contraband Threat


During the announcement, Richard A. Smith, the CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies, commended the State’s proactive stance towards curbing illegal communications which are presently a significant security threat. He further added that most states are leaning towards Wireless Containment Solutions as it strives to ensure that the public’s safety is assured.


Contraband mobile devices used by incarcerated inmates present high-security threats. Correctional stakeholders state that these contrabands enable continuity of criminal activity within prisons. Securus Technologies are further helping correctional facilities control wireless and mobile phones contrabands through the provision of the best technological solutions.


The Wireless Containment Solution


So far, various tech solution providers have been focusing on managing access, but this has yet to guarantee their success as they still lack technical expertise. Their solutions merely identify the contraband mobile signals but hardly prevent them. This has led to wasting of resources and endangering lives including those of inmates. The ingenuity of Securus’ Wireless Containment solution is that it stops any unauthorized calls from breaching the network where they can jeopardize the safety of family, friends, witnesses, inmates, officers and other people.


Mr. Smith further elaborated on the Wireless Containment Solution adding that its state of the art technology manages all illegal cellular devices in a controlled prison setting allowing only authorized devices as required by respective agencies. The Wireless Containment Solution can be customized with regards to security policies in correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies, Inc.


Chaired by Mr. Smith, Securus Technologies serves over 3,450 institutions relating to law enforcement, correctional agencies, and public safety. The company’s main offices are situated in Dallas, Texas. Their services range from the provision of emergency response, biometric analysis, investigation, communication, information management, monitoring products and inmate self-service. Securus Technologies’ objective is to help make the world a safer place.


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