Roberto Santiago in an Iconic Personality in the Intellectual Circles of Publishing and the Film Industry

Roberto Santiago is a famous television script, and screenwriter for the film industry apart from being a highly recognized personality in the publishing art. Throughout his successful filming and literary careers, he has earned many accolades and praise for his entrepreneurial talents, and generally in literature. He has published numerous books for both adults and children besides being the owner of the most prestigious shopping centers in Brazil called Manaira Shopping. The international class shopping mall accommodates many gourmet restaurants, banking halls, gyms, cinemas, large food courts, conference facilities, a college, a park for children, and the buffet Pirlimpimpim.

It would not be enough just to mention that he is an outstanding screen director and writer because, on every occasion in which awards are given, his productions have been received with a great acclamation from the audiences. For many times, Roberto Santiago has got the Editorial SM prize and the Edebé Prize for Children and Youth Literature. The dramatic literary works he has written have been featured in several series for the big screen and television. They have also been internationally translated into various main languages. In the official section of the Cannes Film Festival, his dramatic production called Ruleta got a place of honor, and an independent comic horror known as La Casecha got the position of the best film at the Oregon Horror Festival. Together with Unicef, Mr.Santiago has sponsored many co-productions that have been seen all over the globe. Visit his profile page on

The achievements he has accumulated are a result of the hard work and persistence that characterize his personality. When he was a student at the School of Letters of Madrid, the top position was always reserved for him in the faculty of Literary Creation. He continued to demonstrate the same high aptitude for studies when he joined the Universidad Complutense de Madrid where he further developed his creative skills in the Faculty of Communication Sciences. His successes in the filming world, the arts, theater, and literature have been tremendous. All of his works have won recognition in several high places. To mention just a few, they include The Other Side of the Bed, an adaptation that got T Theater Award as a revealing author, a combination of football and intrigue novels called Los Futbolísimos (SM), a television humor series for two seasons known as the Syndrome of Ulysses for Antena 3, and a favorite book for adults, Ana which got Editorial Planeta.

Roberto Santiago was born in 1968 in Spain, Madrid, and being determined to prosper; he worked hard to become a famous director of films and motion pictures, and a prolific publisher of literature for children. He displays the same zeal he has for writing in investing widely. He is a man gifted with a lot of business skills.

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