Roberto Santiago & His Extraordinary Work

Roberto Santiago:

Roberto Santiago is the CEO of a business called Manaira Shopping Mall. This mall was founded back in November of 1989 and it is the largest shopping center in the location where it is at. This mall has over 300 stores and is over 75,000 sq. ft. big. Roberto Santiago is man with many great attributes. Those attributes are all seen in his business. This mall is a great place to go with the family to spend the evening, shop around, eat and simply relax. This mall is very high tech and it even has a 3D room with fashionable, relaxing chairs that are perfect to take the time off to relax. It also included over 200 video machines that are diverse in video games. The Manaira Shopping Mall is also known for its extra ordinary concert hall which is called the Domus Hall. One of the great things about this concert hall is that it is located in the rooftop and it allows people to be able to have and enjoy a great view. This hall is able to sit over 4,000 guests and it can also be used as two stories. The Domus Hall is a great place for private events as well for big performances and shows. Roberto Santiago did a great job at being able to represent a variety of cultures in his business venture. This mall does not only focus on the entertainment aspect, but also on the cultural aspect as well. There a handful of cultural exhibitions in this mall. Roberto Santiago wanted to be able to portray different cultures in his business and be able to show case how each one of them contributes to the whole piece.

Roberto Santiago is a person with many talents. He is not only a person that excels in the business field, but he is also great when it comes to sports. He has been able to earn trophies across the state. Roberto Santiago is always on the look out for new opportunities and ways to be able to improve his business venture. He is a person that should be looked up to and admired for all of his hard work and determination that he has had over the years. He is a very successful man and is always looking out for others. Roberto Santiago is a representation of what perseverance looks like.

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