Remarkable Achievements of Daniel Mark Harrison at Monkey Capital

Daniel Mark Harrison is a prominent entrepreneur renowned for his contribution in the blockchain market. He is a managing partner at Monkey Capital and Fintech. It is a decentralized hedge fund that invests in Blockchain systems and SpaceX supply. Daniel joined the firm’s top management crew in 2016. The company has attained several milestones under his leadership.

Honorable Achievements and Vision

The efforts of Daniel Mark Harrison to add value to the Blockchain networks are paying off. The system is producing returns that nearly equal to that of the high-ranking Ethereum. Chris Waltzek gave the firm an exceptional 6 out of five rating due to its achievements and vision. Chris is an authoritative radio host in the country. He has interviewed some of the most prominent hedge fund managers and Fintech personalities in the world including Jim Rogers and George Soros.

Billion Dollar Baboon

Monkey Capital has been in the headlines as a result of its Initial Coin Offer, ICO announcement. The offer aims at setting a record as the first firm to raise a billion dollars through crowdfunding. It not only took the market by storm by at also attracted the attention of leading tech writers and interviewers. Azeem Khan, a senior author, dubbed the campaign as the billion dollar baboon. The firm plans to launch the ICO as soon as buyers finish subscribing.

Scholarly Achievements

In addition to his outstanding management skills, Daniel Mark Harrison has a number of academic achievements under his sleeve. The most notable one is his Factory Banking concept. The model aimed at streamlining transactions in the internet of things sphere. Manufacturing plants in most parts of the world use this configuration model today. Currently, Harrison is working on Bipolar Market Economy Equilibrium. It is a market evaluation model that questions the rationality of the traditional Free Market Economy Pricing system.

Family Business

Daniel Mark also serves as the CEO and chairman of the family-owned business, Daniel Mark Harrison, and Co. Ltd. Daniel founded the company to manage his assets and those of his family’s. Today, the firm is a reputable global investment firm. It has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

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