Paul Mampilly: Brilliant Investor Extraordinaire

Does the name Paul Mampilly ring a bell? It will because he is an extraordinary American investor, senior editor and former hedge fund manager. Mampilly’s research service known as Profits Unlimited has gone above and beyond to the point that it will never stop progressing.

Reaching the ultimate and unbelievable goal of 60,000 subscribers is an impressive thing to do in the investment industry. Every month, Mampilly mails out an eight-page newsletter to his beloved subscribers where he recommends new and upcoming stock. Mampilly updates weekly stocks in the model portfolio which he constructed from scratch and everything is recorded on his website so anyone can go back and check on results or updates.

Currently Mr. Mampilly is a senior editor of the amazing Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes at Banyon Hill Publishing. He joined the firm in 2016 and empowers regular people to find wealth in stocks, technology and investing. He then began writing on his own and he called it Profits Unlimited which made him a household name. Mampilly just wanted to help people and make sure everyone had a piece of the wealth and power that can be obtained with ease and then they can share the same strategy in stock to their friends and family.

Going further back into his life, he obtained his Master’s in Business and Administration in 1996 from Fordham University. His degree helped him to be more focused and diverse in the different opportunities to make money and the mindset and workload needed to achieve it. Mampilly has over twenty five years of investment experience. He began as a research assistant at Deutsche Bank in 1996.

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