Paul Herdsman’s Advice To Entrepreneurs

Many people have dreams of starting their own business and working for themselves. However, the amount of people who are able to achieve this are few and far between. Starting a business requires hard work, dedication, long hours, little pay, massive stress, and among others, persistence.

Paul Herdsman was able to achieve what most people can only dream of when he co-founded NICE Global, a nearshore business solutions company based out of Jamaica. He currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of the company. That being said his success wasn’t without struggle, but, he was willing to put in the work that was required for success. Looking back at his journey, in his interview with IdeaMensch, Paul Herdsman came up with a list of 12 Tips that contributed to the success of NICE Global.

First, a positive attitude is critical. It has been proven that people who are positive are more resilient, are better at solving problems, and have more energy. Second, Herdsman believes in willingness to take risks. Most people who are successful have failed at least once and this happens from taking risks. Third, make sure your business is something you actually care about. Fourth, have a firm vision for not just your business, but yourself as well. Start by determining what you want for your business in the next several years. Fifth, invest in your team. Business owners should pay particular attention to a person’s character and values because those are attributes that cannot be taught, whereas skills can be. Six, do not take shortcuts. In order to be successful, you have to work hard and do things correctly. Seventh, you will likely make mistakes and have failures, learn from them, and get back up to try again. Eighth, know your customers and their needs. It is impossible to deliver solutions if you don’t know the initial need. Ninth, deliver above and beyond what is expected. Tenth, persistence is key. Do not give up. Eleventh, find a mentor that you can trust, someone you can go to when you need advice. Twelfth, don’t be afraid to say no. If something doesn’t fit into your schedule or isn’t important to you, say no. Go Here for more information.


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