Mark Mofid Is An Innovator Who Has Created Something Very Special

Mark Mofid is a physician and cosmetic medical doctor who was trained at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard. As an innovative mind in his industry he has been working to change the way that people see gluteal augmentation. In this particular industry, unfortunately, there has been a lot of malpractice and mishaps, but he has been making it safer every day. His patients trust him extensively, and he takes this trust very seriously, because he never goes too far with the gluteal implants he puts into his patients. While many other practitioners will perform dangerous implant surgeries on their patients if the price is right, he will not take extra money to do this if he feels that the procedure could be harmful to his patient.

Mark Mofid offers his patients surgical and non-surgical options, and some of the nonsurgical options include natural extensions and fillers in place of surgery. This is to reduce risk and to give new patients a chance to experience what it is he can do for them without having to go into full-blown surgery. These options also save money for the patients and can lead to them deciding to go ahead and get surgery. Mark Mofid doesn’t go out of his way to optimize his website or advertise too heavily, because he knows that word of mouth is one of the best marketing practices. It doesn’t cost a lot and all it relies upon is you actually doing your job and giving your all to your patients. He has no problem doing this, and his character, alone, keeps patients coming into his practice every day.

Mark Mofid invented a new gluteal implant that doesn’t come with all of the possible side effects that, other, more generic implants come with. He relied on his understanding of the skin, muscular systems, and the way that implants work to create this new, revolutionary, implant. He works out of his office in La Jolla, California, and all of his patients count on his consistent and welcoming nature. Mark Mofid will continue to make gluteal implants safer for his patients and the world at-large and will also strive to make the world a better place.

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Jeff Herman, A Lawyer Fighting For The People


Some do it for the fame. Some do it for the money. But attorney Jeff Herman does it for the passion. This is exactly what he advises to young aspiring lawyers. The only way to succeed with a career in law is by having the passion to stay persistent when things get touch. For many years working in law, he has learned that through the hardest cases and most horrific instances of a lack of humanity that loving his career is what keeps him doing it every single day.


Jeff Herman founded Herman Law. With diligence, commitment and hard work he has turned Herman Law into a national sensation. From coast to coast people are familiar with his famous court cases and the work he has done for humanity. He has a powerful team that works with him in solving the cases that he comes across. His legal team is experienced, skill and just as passionate as he is about helping others by representing them.


One very important thing Jeff Herman has learned form working as a lawyer that it is very important to focus in on a case. Jeff Herman makes sure his team brings him all relevant facts. His team facts checks more than once to make sure they are able to prove a strong solid case in court. Once all the information has been gathered, the Herman Law legal team work to create a timeline. Jeff is a visual person. So, he works with his team to create a visual timeline of the entire case. A handy whiteboard is the platform in which they sculpt their timeline from start to finish.This creates a concise organization of events. For many years, this has been a helpful measure of how the lawyer sets up and proves his cases in court. Visit This Page for additional information.


Jeff Herman has built a successful career for himself as a lawyer fighting for the people. His legal work is a voice and advocacy for those affected by sexual crimes. He will continue to work for these victims and bring justice to all those affected by inhuman sexual crimes.


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Roberto Santiago & His Extraordinary Work

Roberto Santiago:

Roberto Santiago is the CEO of a business called Manaira Shopping Mall. This mall was founded back in November of 1989 and it is the largest shopping center in the location where it is at. This mall has over 300 stores and is over 75,000 sq. ft. big. Roberto Santiago is man with many great attributes. Those attributes are all seen in his business. This mall is a great place to go with the family to spend the evening, shop around, eat and simply relax. This mall is very high tech and it even has a 3D room with fashionable, relaxing chairs that are perfect to take the time off to relax. It also included over 200 video machines that are diverse in video games. The Manaira Shopping Mall is also known for its extra ordinary concert hall which is called the Domus Hall. One of the great things about this concert hall is that it is located in the rooftop and it allows people to be able to have and enjoy a great view. This hall is able to sit over 4,000 guests and it can also be used as two stories. The Domus Hall is a great place for private events as well for big performances and shows. Roberto Santiago did a great job at being able to represent a variety of cultures in his business venture. This mall does not only focus on the entertainment aspect, but also on the cultural aspect as well. There a handful of cultural exhibitions in this mall. Roberto Santiago wanted to be able to portray different cultures in his business and be able to show case how each one of them contributes to the whole piece.

Roberto Santiago is a person with many talents. He is not only a person that excels in the business field, but he is also great when it comes to sports. He has been able to earn trophies across the state. Roberto Santiago is always on the look out for new opportunities and ways to be able to improve his business venture. He is a person that should be looked up to and admired for all of his hard work and determination that he has had over the years. He is a very successful man and is always looking out for others. Roberto Santiago is a representation of what perseverance looks like.

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Jeunesse Global defies aging with Instantly Ageless

Since its founding in 2009 by direct-selling super-entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has risen from an obscure startup run out of the Florida couple’s garage to one of the most significant players in the global health and beauty industry. This rise has been largely due to the company’s ability to spot and quickly exploit market niches that have gone unaddressed by the largest competitors in the field. With its lineup of current products, Jeunesse Global continues this tradition of providing customers across the planet with some of the most innovative and effective products that the world of health and beauty has ever seen.

One example of the company’s innovative prowess is its Instantly Ageless facial cleanser and micro-crème. Instantly Ageless can go head to head with the finest facial cleansers on the market. Priced affordably and measuring favorably across all categories, Instantly Ageless leaves facial skin completely cleansed of any grime or dirt that may have worked its way into pores. This helps maintain the skin free from blemishes and infections. The latter is a major source of long-term skin marks. Instantly Ageless can, therefore, help to prevent against the occurrence of permanent blemishes on the face’s skins as people age.

But where Instantly Ageless really shines through is in its ability to act as an antidote to the aging process itself. Made with Jeunesse Global’s top-secret APT-200 molecule, Instantly Ageless has been clinically shown to reduce the incidence of wrinkles while preventing the formation of new wrinkles as the user’s skin ages. It has also been shown to restore natural skin elasticity that has been lost to the aging process. Instantly Ageless can give users a glowing, radiant facial look while potentially wiping away years from a user’s apparent age.

These anti-aging properties have quickly made Instantly Ageless one of the most popular cosmetic products in the world, with millions of customers buying the product each month. Jeunesse distributors have actually had difficulty keeping the micro-crème in stock. This is just one of the many popular products that is roundly proving that Jeunesse Global has what it takes to play on the global cosmetics stage.

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Jeremy Goldstein Brings Much-Needed Attention to Compensation Law

For years, businesses struggled with compensation law. When they were doing business, they didn’t know who they needed to use to help them get the right compensation. They also didn’t know what would happen if they tried to get attention from people in different situations. Jeremy Goldstein fixed this and made it possible to help other people with their own business. He also made it possible to give back to the community he worked with because of the experiences he had. As a boutique attorney, Jeremy Goldstein focuses only on compensation and employment law.


Jeremy Goldstein rose to success because of his dedication to the law he practices. He wants people to know he’s doing the best job and he’s doing what he can to help others with the issues they’re facing. When Jeremy Goldstein started working on different things, he felt good about the way he could help. He also felt it was part of his job to do everything he could to make it right. No matter how hard Jeremy Goldstein worked, he felt confident in his ability to push through all the most difficult parts of the business world. He wanted to bring change and the law practice allowed him to do so.


For Jeremy Goldstein, the point of helping other people is so their business will grow. He remains committed to each business he works with and that allows him the chance to make sure people know he’s doing his best. For Jeremy Goldstein, the point of running a business is so he can give back. His law firm is unlike the businesses he works with but he still understands the importance of executives and CEOs doing things the right way.


No matter how hard Jeremy Goldstein works to give attention to different issues, he knows things like knockout plans can help employers. He makes a point of helping people realize they have something special with a knockout plan. He also tries to show people there are many options they have for these plans. When executives and CEOs work together, they get more from the industry. They also try to help people with the issues they’re facing. Jeremy Goldstein wants to show them how they can help the entire business and still be successful on their own. He knows people may struggle with the CEO position, but understanding compensation law can help them get more out of the business. Learn more:¬†

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How Gregory Aziz Has Grown National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz has been critical in the rapid growth of National Steel Car. He is the company’s Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President. He has earned those three prominent titles after over a decade of very hard work to expand the company and to make it North America’s leader in the production of steel railway freight cars.


That goal was accomplished in 1994 when Greg Aziz successfully managed the purchase of National Steel Car Company from a prior owner. In fact, Gregory Aziz was instrumental factor in that purchase. In fact, he managed the entire purchase process. Once the purchase was completed, National Steel Car officially became the largest producer of steel railway freight cars in all of North America. This completed the founders’ initial vision for the company.

Gregory J. Aziz has always been someone who has been known for his excellence in business, and he has had a special talent for business development and growth. For example, in his first job out of college he worked for his family’s health food distribution company. At the time, the company delivered regionally to Eastern Canada. After working at the company, Affiliated Foods, for over a decade, the company expanded to become a worldwide importer of healthy, fresh foods. Affiliated foods imported fresh foods from Europe, South America and Central America. Thanks to the hard work and skills of Gregory James Aziz, the company also began distributing food to wholesale markets all across the United States and Canada.

Gregory Aziz has always had the skillset to grow businesses. He applied that skillset when he began to work at National Steel Car and he was successful in the most rapid way. In his first few years he increased the company’s employee base from around six hundred to nearly three thousand people. He has always been a visionary when it came to invest in human capital and his push to hire more people made great strides in Hamilton, Ontario’s overall economy. The more people that were hired led to the opening of more businesses and more homes being built, driving overall economic growth in the town of Hamilton and the outlying regions. Get Related Information Here.

In addition to investing in human capital, Gregory James Aziz also grew the manufacturing sector of National Steel Car. When he first came on board the company was manufacturing around 3,500 railroad freight cars each year. After just a few years, the company was manufacturing nearly 12,000 freight cars.

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The OSI Group: A World Leader In Food Processing And Distribution

When German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky moved to Oak Park, Illinois and started a neighborhood meat market run by him and his sons, little did he know that over 100 years later that company would have 20,000 employees and be a world leader in food processing and distribution. Today, that company is called the OSI Group and is one of America’s largest private companies. The reputation for tasty, nutritious food the Aurora, Illinois based OSI Group enjoys today began when Otto Kolschowsky insisted on offering only the finest cuts of meat in his family owned and operated meat market.

By 1917, Otto Kolschowsky had moved the meat market to Maywood, Illinois and was providing wholesale meat to restaurants and supermarkets in Illinois. In 1928, the company’s name was changed to Otto & Sons, but the reputation they established for providing quality meats remained. That reputation led the company to be chosen by Ray Kroc to provide ground beef for his McDonald’s franchise store in Des Plaines, Illinois. Soon McDonald’s was Otto & Sons biggest customer. With the creation of liquid nitrogen freezing technology, Otto & Sons opened a high-volume meat plant located in West Chicago and formed Glenmark, a special division to handle its non-McDonald’s business.

In 1975, the company changed its name to OSI Industries and began to look at expanding into the international market. At the point, Sheldon Lavin became involved with the company. By the 1980s, Lavin was CEO and began implementing a plan to make the OSI Group a global force in food processing and distribution. He maintained the family atmosphere among the staff, created programs designed to benefit the employees and their family members and instituted innovative, award-winning employee safety and environmental management policies. The company now has over $6 billion in annual revenue, happy staff and a growing international customer base.

OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago
Now called the OSI Group, this 108 year-old company has over 65 processing facilities located in almost 20 countries. They have a presence in places like Australia, India, South Africa and the Philippines. The OSI Group has so many poultry processing facilities in China, they are the countries largest poultry producer. They also provide Western fast-food companies doing business there with meat, vegetable and dough products. And the OSI Group continues to expand. The company recently purchased Flagship Europe and Baho Foods, two companies that serve customers in more than a dozen European countries.

OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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Meet Dr. David Samadi, The Man Helping Fight Prostate Cancer In Men

The viewers of Dr. David Samadi‚Äôs show ‚ÄėSunday Housecall‚Äô will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Doris Day, a specialist in cosmetic, laser and surgical dermatologist who will be on Livestream for the show. A revered iconic figure in her field, Dr. Day will address topics of interest like advantages and disadvantages of Botox, wrinkle prevention, rejuvenation of skin and the truth and lies around the subject of skin lotions. Having been colleagues with Dr. Day at Lenox Hill Hospital for some years, Dr. Samadi confirms that Dr. Day commands great respect in her field for which Dr. David says he has immense respect for her.

The skin is the largest organ of our body, and it affects how we feel about ourselves and also how we look at the world, this subject is bound to be helpful without doubt to many people. The show, which goes live once a week on Sundays at 12.30pm ET, can be viewed at

Not only is he the Chief of Robotic Surgery and the chair of Urology at the renowned Lenox Hill Hospital, but he is also a certified urologic oncologist who has also got trained in both open, laparoscopic and traditional surgery. Being even an authority in what is known as robotic surgery, Dr. Samadi has dedicated passion when it comes to early diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the prostate gland.

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Dr. David Samadi is a man with a compelling mission to arouse global awareness to the second highest killer disease among men. In pursuit of this goal, Dr. Samadi has been providing charitable services like a free consultation to men who get diagnosed with various stages of prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi says the disease, which affects 1 in 7 men, can be managed through multiple approaches if men are encouraged to seek early detection and intervention.

Described by several sources as a celebrity physician, David B. Samadi focuses on minimally invasive treatment approaches for the prostate disease including laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy, laparoscopic radical prostatectomy among others.

Born and raised in a Jewish community Iran and later migrating to the US following the Iranian Revolution, Dr. Samadi attained his bachelor’s in biochemistry and his MD in 1994. Since first practicing at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and later teaching at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine where he also acted as the Vice Chair to the School of Urology, Dr. Samadi no doubt carved a place for himself among the most notable personalities in his field.

Learn more about Dr. David Samadi on

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Bernardo Chua Calls Grapeseed Oil The Next Great Health Supplement

In a recent article, Bernardo Chua announced that he feels that the next big deal in health supplements in people’s diets is grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is the oil which is extracted from each grapeseed.

In each grape, there are approximately three grape seeds. Each of the seeds can be processed to extract the nutritious oil, which can then be used in a variety of applications.

Grape seed oil contains vitamins E and C and is an antioxidant. Antioxidants help prevent a variety of ailments including cancer. It works by controlling and containing free radicals contained in the body. The chemical compounds which are beneficial are Procyanidolic Oligomers or PCOs. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

In fact, it has been discovered that grapeseed oil is effective in the treatment of breast cancer. The chemical compounds in the grapeseed oil help to suppress the aromatase which is an enzyme which can create breast cancer if it is found in higher levels in breast tissue. Read more: Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement

It is also effective for the treatment of non-alcoholic liver diseases. It is also being used for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

The polyphenols prevent brain tissue from folding, which, in turn, can help prevent the onset of neurological disease. Another reason for Bernardo Chua to make this claim of grapeseed oil is because it has vast benefits to the cardiovascular system.

Grapeseed oil helps lower the blood pressure and heart rate of individuals who use it regularly. It does not affect C-reactive proteins or lipid levels in patients consuming it.

It has been shown to be anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory as well. It can accelerate the healing process which is great for individuals who have undergone surgery or have suffered injuries.

There is additional research to determine if grapeseed oil is also antiviral. Tests have shown that it has effectively regulated co receptors of HIV-1.

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Transparent Solutions With Equities First Holdings-LLC

Equities First Holdings, LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a global private equity firm that specializes in financing and alternative corporate solutions.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) means a company automatically qualifies for tax-pass through. The Company does not pay taxes on net profits. The benefits are that shareholders and owners retain no responsibility for debts. Only, if there is an agreement taking liability for the debt and read full article.

Equities First Holdings, LLC provide clients with alternative financing, by lending capital secured by publicly traded stock, and to enable clients to meet their personal financial goals. With branches in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and what Equities First knows.

They offer transparent and efficient financing solutions. With more than 700 transactions since its founding. Their customers get high loan-to-value at low fixed interest rates.

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