Nathaniel Ru’s Impressive Transformation of Sweetgreen into A Top Notch Restaurant

The sweetgreen restaurant is a model worth emulating. Legacy restaurant Companies would want to follow their style if given a chance to start over again. Sweetgreen has over 40 restaurants in different locations. Some of the investors behind this chain of restaurants are Steve Case, Daniel Boulud, and Danny Meyer. Their recipes comprise of healthy and fresh foods.

They have ensured that they meet their customers’ demands for better quality foods. These three classmates have invented sweetgreen’s app that can be used by their clients to make orders and transactions. Sometimes an individual can do the same transactions through their website.

Due to demand and little belief in big headquarters, this chain of restaurants has managed to function without a physical headquarter. Their main aim is to ensure that they interact closely with their customers. They prefer having all their employees working in the restaurant rather than having them sit in the offices.

After meeting at Georgetown University in their entrepreneurship classes Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman felt that there was a need for healthy eating option joints in Georgetown. That led to them opening a restaurant that offered this service in 2007.

In an interview, Nathaniel Ru stated that he feels he needed to read more books in his 20s. He feels like the three of them are finding it difficult to let go some of the roles in their company. That is because these are roles they did so well at the beginning of their chain of restaurants. However, they are compelled to create a team that will deliver quality and excellence.

His mentor is Kevin Plank, whom he he looks up to and how much work and effort he has dedicated to Under Armour. His favorite restaurant offers Thai food and is known as Little Serow and is owned by Johnny Monis. Their services are excellent, always leaving a lasting impression on their guests.

Partying with a Purpose Event

Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Sweetgreen Restaurants. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Georgetown University class of 2007. Together with his two friends, they invented Sweetlife in 2010, and it has remained to be one of the biggest food and music food festivals.

Over 20,000 guests regularly attend it; among them are high-profile musicians and artists. That is the real definition of partying with a purpose. Their main aim is to embrace healthy, affordable and sustainable life.

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