Meet Dr. David Samadi, The Man Helping Fight Prostate Cancer In Men

The viewers of Dr. David Samadi’s show ‘Sunday Housecall’ will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Doris Day, a specialist in cosmetic, laser and surgical dermatologist who will be on Livestream for the show. A revered iconic figure in her field, Dr. Day will address topics of interest like advantages and disadvantages of Botox, wrinkle prevention, rejuvenation of skin and the truth and lies around the subject of skin lotions. Having been colleagues with Dr. Day at Lenox Hill Hospital for some years, Dr. Samadi confirms that Dr. Day commands great respect in her field for which Dr. David says he has immense respect for her.

The skin is the largest organ of our body, and it affects how we feel about ourselves and also how we look at the world, this subject is bound to be helpful without doubt to many people. The show, which goes live once a week on Sundays at 12.30pm ET, can be viewed at

Not only is he the Chief of Robotic Surgery and the chair of Urology at the renowned Lenox Hill Hospital, but he is also a certified urologic oncologist who has also got trained in both open, laparoscopic and traditional surgery. Being even an authority in what is known as robotic surgery, Dr. Samadi has dedicated passion when it comes to early diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the prostate gland.

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Dr. David Samadi is a man with a compelling mission to arouse global awareness to the second highest killer disease among men. In pursuit of this goal, Dr. Samadi has been providing charitable services like a free consultation to men who get diagnosed with various stages of prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi says the disease, which affects 1 in 7 men, can be managed through multiple approaches if men are encouraged to seek early detection and intervention.

Described by several sources as a celebrity physician, David B. Samadi focuses on minimally invasive treatment approaches for the prostate disease including laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy, laparoscopic radical prostatectomy among others.

Born and raised in a Jewish community Iran and later migrating to the US following the Iranian Revolution, Dr. Samadi attained his bachelor’s in biochemistry and his MD in 1994. Since first practicing at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and later teaching at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine where he also acted as the Vice Chair to the School of Urology, Dr. Samadi no doubt carved a place for himself among the most notable personalities in his field.

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