Mark Mofid Is An Innovator Who Has Created Something Very Special

Mark Mofid is a physician and cosmetic medical doctor who was trained at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard. As an innovative mind in his industry he has been working to change the way that people see gluteal augmentation. In this particular industry, unfortunately, there has been a lot of malpractice and mishaps, but he has been making it safer every day. His patients trust him extensively, and he takes this trust very seriously, because he never goes too far with the gluteal implants he puts into his patients. While many other practitioners will perform dangerous implant surgeries on their patients if the price is right, he will not take extra money to do this if he feels that the procedure could be harmful to his patient.

Mark Mofid offers his patients surgical and non-surgical options, and some of the nonsurgical options include natural extensions and fillers in place of surgery. This is to reduce risk and to give new patients a chance to experience what it is he can do for them without having to go into full-blown surgery. These options also save money for the patients and can lead to them deciding to go ahead and get surgery. Mark Mofid doesn’t go out of his way to optimize his website or advertise too heavily, because he knows that word of mouth is one of the best marketing practices. It doesn’t cost a lot and all it relies upon is you actually doing your job and giving your all to your patients. He has no problem doing this, and his character, alone, keeps patients coming into his practice every day.

Mark Mofid invented a new gluteal implant that doesn’t come with all of the possible side effects that, other, more generic implants come with. He relied on his understanding of the skin, muscular systems, and the way that implants work to create this new, revolutionary, implant. He works out of his office in La Jolla, California, and all of his patients count on his consistent and welcoming nature. Mark Mofid will continue to make gluteal implants safer for his patients and the world at-large and will also strive to make the world a better place.

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