Kamil Idris on the Importance of Intellectual Property Laws

The Director-General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) views Intellectual Property (IP) to be essential in the context of an economy. Professor Kamil Idris views the ongoing reforms taking place in the U.S. as a way to ensure the country has the best patent system. Furthermore, he urges that for the patent system to be effective, it should place the interests of the public, inventors, and creators as the priority.


Professor Kamil Idris advocates for countries to have strict IP enforcement standards that will safeguard stakeholders against illegal practices. They should also take into consideration the TRIPS agreement. This will enable them to decide whether or not to follow these enforcement mechanisms. He adds that, WIPO is committed to offering support to all member states on the legal framework of IP enforcement.


Professor Kamil Idris urges companies that are operating on an international level to be vigilant to protect outsourced manufactures products from getting offshored. This will ensure they protect and manage their IP assets. Professor Kamil Idris views Patent Cooperation Treaty (PTC) as an essential tool to international inventors seeking patent protection. Subsequently, he urges that WIPO is committed to ensuring the continuation of international IP system evolution. The treaty ensures that in the changing technological world, all the country members have practical and durable solutions.

On the issue of China and the newly imposed trade tariffs, Professor Kamil Idris views them as helpful to protect against IP theft. China has been violating intellectual property for many years. The violations include stealing trade secrets, counterfeiting popular brands, and applying pressure on businesses to share their technologies.


Professor Kamil Idris views the tariffs imposed on China as an aim to protect American firms. The tariffs will protect the firms that want to access the huge Chinese market by trading their IP rights. The concern of President Trump on trade deficits has been the reason for the imposition of the tariffs. It aims at having adequate protection for American firms for their IP rights. According to Professor Kamil Idris, the trade sanctions towards China aim to satisfy the unusual trading situations with America firms.

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