Jeunesse Global defies aging with Instantly Ageless

Since its founding in 2009 by direct-selling super-entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has risen from an obscure startup run out of the Florida couple’s garage to one of the most significant players in the global health and beauty industry. This rise has been largely due to the company’s ability to spot and quickly exploit market niches that have gone unaddressed by the largest competitors in the field. With its lineup of current products, Jeunesse Global continues this tradition of providing customers across the planet with some of the most innovative and effective products that the world of health and beauty has ever seen.

One example of the company’s innovative prowess is its Instantly Ageless facial cleanser and micro-crème. Instantly Ageless can go head to head with the finest facial cleansers on the market. Priced affordably and measuring favorably across all categories, Instantly Ageless leaves facial skin completely cleansed of any grime or dirt that may have worked its way into pores. This helps maintain the skin free from blemishes and infections. The latter is a major source of long-term skin marks. Instantly Ageless can, therefore, help to prevent against the occurrence of permanent blemishes on the face’s skins as people age.

But where Instantly Ageless really shines through is in its ability to act as an antidote to the aging process itself. Made with Jeunesse Global’s top-secret APT-200 molecule, Instantly Ageless has been clinically shown to reduce the incidence of wrinkles while preventing the formation of new wrinkles as the user’s skin ages. It has also been shown to restore natural skin elasticity that has been lost to the aging process. Instantly Ageless can give users a glowing, radiant facial look while potentially wiping away years from a user’s apparent age.

These anti-aging properties have quickly made Instantly Ageless one of the most popular cosmetic products in the world, with millions of customers buying the product each month. Jeunesse distributors have actually had difficulty keeping the micro-crème in stock. This is just one of the many popular products that is roundly proving that Jeunesse Global has what it takes to play on the global cosmetics stage.

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