How Securus Technologies has Revolutionized Prisons in the United States

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies specializes in telecom services for correctional facilities. It provides civil and criminal technology solutions to help correctional facilities improve their safety. Again, its tracking system helps in monitoring inmates’ activities and speeding up the investigation process. Securus Technologies’ headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas.

On October 21, 2016, Securus Technologies took to the streets to collect feedback regarding their services. Since its inception in 1986, Securus Technologies commits to improving public safety and ensuring criminal cases complete fairly and faster. Recently, Securus Technologies has introduced Cell Defender, a new technology to monitor inmates’ cell phones. After some time, the tracking system got approval from more than five criminal cases departments.

Securus Technologies developed the Cell Defender technology in July 2016 through its joint efforts with Harris Corporation. The new technology helped stop contraband cell phones from connecting to Securus Technologies’ mobile network. Again, investigators could use Cell Defender technology to track cell phone conversations in US prisons. Through this technology, Securus Technologies would gather information regarding data breach and phone recording in prisons. Securus Technologies’ Cell Defender technology helped improve the efficiency of processes in correctional facilities. Again, the new technology would help arrest Securus Technologies’ corrupt officials. In fact, investigators could use it to retrieve call logs of corrupt officers. As a result, corruption in the prisons declined significantly as no one would want to be arrested. Again, cases of inmates’ abuse dropped at a high rate. Securus Technologies also trains witnesses on how to answer court questions.

Richard A Smith, the Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies says that the company dedicates to developing advanced criminal and civil technology solutions to help combat crimes in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies commits to enhancing public safety through high-end civil and criminal technology solutions.

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