How Gregory Aziz Has Grown National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz has been critical in the rapid growth of National Steel Car. He is the company’s Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President. He has earned those three prominent titles after over a decade of very hard work to expand the company and to make it North America’s leader in the production of steel railway freight cars.


That goal was accomplished in 1994 when Greg Aziz successfully managed the purchase of National Steel Car Company from a prior owner. In fact, Gregory Aziz was instrumental factor in that purchase. In fact, he managed the entire purchase process. Once the purchase was completed, National Steel Car officially became the largest producer of steel railway freight cars in all of North America. This completed the founders’ initial vision for the company.

Gregory J. Aziz has always been someone who has been known for his excellence in business, and he has had a special talent for business development and growth. For example, in his first job out of college he worked for his family’s health food distribution company. At the time, the company delivered regionally to Eastern Canada. After working at the company, Affiliated Foods, for over a decade, the company expanded to become a worldwide importer of healthy, fresh foods. Affiliated foods imported fresh foods from Europe, South America and Central America. Thanks to the hard work and skills of Gregory James Aziz, the company also began distributing food to wholesale markets all across the United States and Canada.

Gregory Aziz has always had the skillset to grow businesses. He applied that skillset when he began to work at National Steel Car and he was successful in the most rapid way. In his first few years he increased the company’s employee base from around six hundred to nearly three thousand people. He has always been a visionary when it came to invest in human capital and his push to hire more people made great strides in Hamilton, Ontario’s overall economy. The more people that were hired led to the opening of more businesses and more homes being built, driving overall economic growth in the town of Hamilton and the outlying regions. Get Related Information Here.

In addition to investing in human capital, Gregory James Aziz also grew the manufacturing sector of National Steel Car. When he first came on board the company was manufacturing around 3,500 railroad freight cars each year. After just a few years, the company was manufacturing nearly 12,000 freight cars.

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