How Bridget Scarr Started Colibri Studios

Bridget Scarr is the Executive Producer at Colibri Studios. She is also a writer, and always produces content that is engaging and interesting. She produces all kinds of content, ranging from television to virtual reality. She has over a decade and a half of experience producing for television, advertising, and animation. She has been in charge of overlooking the production aspect of teams that sometimes had hundreds of people. She did production in all kinds of industries, ranging from lifestyle and education to children’s and drama. She is now in charge of producing and developing content at Colibri Studios. She is also in charge of content strategy and collaborating with all the other producers worldwide.


She got the idea for Colibri Studies because she realized that as a television producer, she was constantly responsible for bringing the ideas of other people to life. She decided that she wanted to start working on bringing her own ideas to life, and that is what she now does every day at Colibri Studios.


Her day starts with a meditation session, followed by a light and healthy breakfast with her family. She makes a short commute to her office, and she does not waste time on the phone during this commute. Instead, she will think about what she wants to get done that day. Then, from nine in the morning until noon, she will work for three hours straight doing research and creating content. This is a very intensive time for her, as this is the main part of her work. She then goes home and enjoys a light lunch with her family. Afterwards, she goes back to work, at two in the afternoon. The rest of her work day is a little more flexible and relaxed. She takes care of emails, she looks for new ideas, and does things like that. She comes home to take care of her son, and after he is asleep, sometimes she does even more work.


She is excited about how virtual reality can help us improve life. In particular, it can help people’s wishes come true. Through virtual reality, you can educate people in ways that are otherwise not possible. There are unlimited possibilities. Virtual reality lets you create experiences that are truly emotional and inspiring. She is especially excited because virtual reality can help young people experience things that they would not be able to experience otherwise. This is a massive opportunity for education.


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