From Grocer To Investment Bank To CEO The Career Of Gregory J. Aziz

The Imperial Car Company began building rolling stock for railroads in 1912. After 106 years the company is still in business and operating as National Steel Car (NCS). Since 1994 Gregory James Aziz has been National Steel Car’s CEO.

In the 1980s Gregory Aziz decided to put his degree in economics from Western University to work in the New York City Financial District. Born in London, Ontario Greg’s investment banker job in New York City would lead him back to his native Canada. His specific destination was Hamilton, Ontario the headquarters of National Steel Car.

The bank that employed Gregory J. Aziz wanted to acquire National Steel Car from its then owner Dofasco. The bank’s object in purchasing NCS was to turn it into the number one producer of railroad cars in North America. It fell to Greg to make that happen. In the first five years that he was at the helm of NCS production nearly quadrupled and the company’s payroll increased five-fold.

Prior to moving to New York Greg Aziz’s first practical business experience came from working in his family’s wholesale food business Affiliated Foods. He would be a part of Affiliated Foods for 16 years. By the time Greg left the family business, it was supplying fresh imported foods to wholesalers across Eastern Canada and the width and breadth of the US.

After more than two decades under Greg’s leadership, National Steel Car continues to be successful. Evidence of that success is NSC’s relationship with Canpotex and exporter of potash. Since 1999 Canpotex has purchased 7,000 cars from NCS. The value of that rolling stock is $500 million.

Greg Aziz is quick to credit the NSC’s 2000 employees with the company’s success. On his personal webpage, Greg recognized the gold medal Zoltan Tanac won from the Canadian Welders Conferences. Zoltan works in National Steel Car’s Robotics Department. The medal was given for a paper Zoltan authored entitled “Heat Input and Arc Energy – Why Distinction is Important”.

Canada and the US have an agreement in place creating harmonized standards for the safety of tanker cars that transport flammable liquids. The accord creates stricter safety standards. Committed to public safety Greg Aziz applauded the new standards citing rail accidents in the US and Canada that spotlighted the need to make the North American railway system safer. He added that clearer uniform safety standards will also benefit NSC’s customers. See This Article for additional information.


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