Embracing the Smart Home Technology with Todd Lubar

Amazingly, technology has sufficiently covered our social places in the recent past. Fortuitously, technology can be utilized to control how things run in our homes ranging from movement detection to automatically adjusting lighting. Referencing a study by ideamensch.com done in the United States, the realty market is at its break of accomplishing the aim of smart homes with a majority of the homeowners having installed and utilized smart home technologies in their houses.

The smart home technology is attributable to numerous factors, the core one being the urge and need to control things instantly and from a singular focal point. The implications of smart home technology are life changing on its users, and more specifically to the physically challenged. Security is another crucial factor propagating a fast growth in the smart home technology. For a long time, homeowners need not employ security guards to provide security to their home premises.

While building a home, a real estate developer can be directed to install nouveau motion sensors on the floor and link them to the home security system. In case of a security breach, the system will remotely notify the homeowner through their phone hence making them proactive rather than reactive in the security of their homes.

Todd Lubar (toddlubar.com) is among the most accomplished realty experts in the world. Aside from running a successful real estate firm called TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar is a vigorous advocate of smart home technology through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Todd Lubar attended the Syracuse University from where he graduated magna cum laude in 1995. As a people-believing individual, Todd Lubar has practically built his firm by focusing more on assisting people in attaining their objectives in contrast to making a profit.

Todd Lubar serves as the president of his firm, TDL Global Ventures, LLC in addition to working with Legendary Investments as the vice president. Todd features extensive experience in the real estate sector for over two decades and has been listed amongst the prime 25 mortgage originators in the whole of the United States. Todd has held this distinction for many years. He has additionally worked in various other industries ranging from mortgage banking to construction, to entertainment.  View Todd Lubar’s bio on linkedin.com.


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