Cancer Treatment by Eric Lefkofsky

Entrepreneurship is the hallmark of all state’s economies. Although important, entrepreneurship can be challenging with all the fluctuations in money value and stock exchange. That is why a man like Eric Lefkofsky is vital to the entrepreneurial world. Through him, most young entrepreneurs learn business start-ups. At an early age, Eric’s determination was spotted when he began his career through selling floor carpets. He was a student then. In 1993, Eric and his friend, Brad Keywell invested in an apparel company in Madison which was later known as Brandon Apparel.


Eric has a vast experience leading to his career path. In early 1999, the two friends established an internet firm specializing in online promotions called Starbelly. With the company, most entrepreneurs found advertising easy and profitable. In 2000, Starbelly was sold to Halo Industries leaving Eric as the chief operating officer. From his leadership skills, he controlled most of the firm’s operations. In 2001, Eric and Brad founded InnerWorkings, a company that offered print procurement services for middle-sized companies.  In August 2006, InnerWorkings ranked top in the U.S stock market thanks to Eric who was a member of the board.

Eric Forms Tempus

We all know how cancer is aggravating to the society. Through his love for humanity, Eric founded Tempus, a technology company that has generated an innovative operating system to fight cancer. Through Tempus, physicians can offer personalized cancer care and treatment through the interactive and analytical technology provided. Through the company, there is access to genomic sequencing services and analytics of molecules linked to cancer cells, which empowers doctors and scientists to familiarize themselves with the causes and treatments of cancer. For Tempus, it is essential for every cancer patient to benefit from the technology.

Tempus’ Mission

Each patient has a unique genetic profile through which doctors can individualize treatment. That’s the mission of Tempus. Through Tempus, doctors can analyze patient’s individual disease by applying the technology before administering treatment. At Tempus, doctors personalize treatment for a successful cancer treatment. With so many drugs entering the market, and clinical trials tied to mutations, it is vital for physicians to determine which treatment is right for patients. That is why Tempus is a critical component in the fight against cancer.


He joined the University of Michigan and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Law respectively. He attended the London School of Economics.

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    With Eric working as the operations manager, the firm registered exceptional growth in service delivery and revenues. Lefkofsky attended the Cranbrook Schools as a kid. It is as a matter of fact that superiorpaper has heightened these things appropriately and make it seem so sure for all and sundry.

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