Betsy DeVos Serving Children, the Community Through her Philanthropic Work

Betsy DeVos is currently the United States Secretary of Education and she has been doing her best to fulfill her goal of making American education great again. One of the reasons that she was a great pick for that position is because she’s been standing up on behalf of poor kids. DeVos has been known for helping to expand education opportunities for children. That’s because DeVos is more than just a person in Washington. She is a woman who has long been doing philanthropy work for the less fortunate and giving when she can.

DeVos has long been involved in organizations that make a difference, ever since her college day. In 1989, DeVos and her husband founded the Windquest Group which has a clean energy focus. The smaller Michigan-based company focuses also on manufacturing, technology, and nonprofit solutions. DeVos is currently a chairman of the company while her husband serves as president. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

DeVos serves the community through a variety of nonprofit roles. Her Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been supporting organizations all across the country that stand for education, arts, justice, and more. Some of the organizations they partner with are the American Federation for Children, ArtPrize, and the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Dick and Betsy want to give children near and far a fair chance at life and access to organizations that will help them thrive. DeVos and her husband freely give to organizations that they know stand behind children.

That’s because children are a huge part of DeVos life. She is a champion of education and that’s been her driving force behind supporting private-school voucher programs. DeVos is excited about the growth that the program has seen in recent years. She’s helping to give children an equal chance to education. DeVos understands the struggles that are plaguing public schools and that’s why she is pushing for reforms like vouchers and tax credits. Above all, DeVos wants children to feel safe at school. She wants them to feel open to learning in an environment that supports them.

To further show how much she supports education, DeVos started a foundation that gave scholarships to families that are low-income so that they could decide where to send their children to school. As much good as this was doing, DeVos realized that there needed to be more school opportunities for children. That’s how she ultimately became involved in the educational choice movement. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table

Overall, DeVos has been involved in education and philanthropy work in a wide capacity. She served on the board of two national charities which helped expand education choices. Betsy DeVos has seen many successes in the programs she was involved with and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. States have been making great advances when it comes to educational choices for children and it’s all thanks in part to DeVos.

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