All About Louis Chenevert and UTC

Louis Chenevert is not only tall physically but also tall on his achievements all through his working career. With an exciting career that spans well over several decades, he has managed to turn around the fortunes of the several corporations that have been fortunate enough to experience his expertise. One of these corporations is the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Chenevert took over the reign at UTC just after he has served as the president at the Pratt & Whitney business unit for seven years. Chenevert, while at the help of UTC went on to post impressive achievements with one of these being his achievements as a leader of the conglomerate worth about one hundred billion dollars.

It would be noted that what Chenevert was able to achieve in one year has never been achieved by most corporate executives all through their careers. His secret lies in his investments and form believe in technology and people. Notably, he made sure that he uses the latest technological tools to advance his agenda in the company and keep it abreast with modern ways of doing business. This is in addition to ensuring that he had the right human resource that would spearhead the growth of the company to new heights. Immediately he got the reins at UTC, he focused on acquiring Goodrich Company, an ambition he finally succeeded after one year of negotiations.
Chenevert is a believer in personal development and thus ensured that he provided room for development of his employees at UTC trough the right training. This is what informed the inception of the Employees Scholar Program that aimed at funding any employees who saw the need to further their studies.
Chenevert’s leadership style was outstanding and this is notable through his forward-thinking ability. He would meticulously pick out project that went one to portray the highest potential, thus furthering the mission and vision of the company. These are the values that were later passed on to his predecessor; Gregory Hayes. Trough Chenevert’s brainchild, the company now enjoys huge success and a clear competitive edge in the market its focuses on.

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