A Look At George Soros’ Global Philanthropic Efforts

George Soros is a world-leading philanthropist having donated over $12 billion to various charitable initiatives. Over the years, the hedge fund expert has supported numerous people and organizations across the globe. The recipients of the money have been fighting for various causes such as freedom of expression, government accountability, transparency, equality, and justice promotion. Soros’ donations are mainly channeled to people facing discrimination. For instance, he has financed various groups that are representing Europe’s Roma People, LGBTI, sex workers, and drug users.

In his formative years, Soros received firsthand experience on discrimination. The Hungary-born billionaire lived through the Nazi occupation of 1944/1945. The occupation resulted into the murder of more than 500,000 Jews living in the country. Being a Jew, his family had to devise innovative strategies to survive this era. The shrewd entrepreneur and his family survived because his father falsified identification documents bought by his father. In addition, they concealed their identities.

Before the end of the occupation and consolidation of the Communist power in Hungary, Soros left for London. On arrival, he joined the London School of Economics where he had to work part-time to support his studies. George worked as a nightclub waiter and railway porter. In 1956, Soros moved to the United States. In the country, he used his experience and knowledge gained on Wall Street to become one of the most successful investors in the country’s history. This information was originally mentioned on the Open Society Foundations’ website as explained in this link https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

After 14 years in the Wall Street, the hedge fund expert founded Soros Fund Management. He used his experience and entrepreneurship skills to run the company by ensuring his clients earn high returns from their investments. The company has played an integral role in enhancing his wealth. Today, he ranks as one of the richest people in the globe. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

In his efforts to help other people facing injustice, he created the Open Society Foundation. The group, which now operates in more than 100 countries, was instrumental in ending communist regimes in Eastern Europe. In addition, Soros gave scholarships to black South Africans during the apartheid regime. He is also the brain behind the establishment of Central Europe University. Soros supports Global Writers, the Europeans Council on Foreign Relations, as well as the Institute for New Economic Thinking, and the International Crisis Group. Soros was inspired to start the foundation after reading Karl Popper’s “The Open Society and Its Enemies.” In this book, Karl criticizes totalitarianism by exploring the philosophy of science. To this end, George Soros was inspired enhance the ideology of owning the truth, respecting human rights and upholding freedom.

After the end of the Cold War, Soros expanded his philanthropic activities to Africa, Asia, and the United States. His efforts are geared towards supporting transparency, democracy, and accountability. George has also shown support for the legalization of medical marijuana in the US and same-sex marriage. Moreover, he has supported many lawyers and paralegals who are representing thousands of individuals who have been illegally arrested. The prudent businessman has paid fees for marginalized students, and supported other independent organizations. This information was originally mentioned on Biography as provided in this link http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527

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