Jeff Herman Weighs On Where A Sexual Offense Victim Is Likely To Get Justice, Between A Civil Court And A Criminal Court

Jeff Herman is a nation-wide recognized attorney for victims of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. He has practiced law for many years and he has helped thousands of victims of sexual abuse and rape get justice. He founded Jeff Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school. For over a decade, Jeff Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them.

Recently, he weighed in on the Harvey Weinstein Case, noting the importance of civil cases and how in most situations it is the only way a victim can have justice. Jeff Herman discusses civil court litigation as much as sexual crime cases are concerned. He is concerned about sexual crime perpetrators walking free because of lack of enough evidence.

In a criminal case, the burden of proof lies on the shoulders of the prosecutor. In a city like New York, it can be difficult to proof beyond reasonable doubt that the crime occurred.

There are two main ways a claim can be brought before the courts. Firstly, sexual offenders are normally taken to criminal courts. Secondly, they can also be made accountable for their actions in the civil court.

In a criminal court, a sexual abuse case is an offence against the state rather than the accuser. Therefore, it is the burden of prosecutor to proof beyond reasonable doubt that the crime occurred. Usually, the accused is innocent until proven guilty.

In a criminal case, the victim can only be compensated for financial loss. This is because it is difficult to quantify the amount of psychological loss, pain suffered and the like. While that is true in criminal cases, if the same case, say a sexual assault case, is brought to a civil court, upon the defendant being founded guilty, the victim will be compensated for all the damage and loss.

According to Jeff Herman, a sexual crime victim can only get justice in a civil court because of how the criminal system works.

In comparison between a prosecutor in a criminal case and a plaintiff in a civil suit, the prosecutor has to proof beyond reasonable doubt, which is harder.

Mostly, civil cases are initiated by victims against employers or institutions for not doing something to prevent an incident such as sexual abuse.

Generally, a plaintiff is better placed to get justice in a civil court. According to Jeff Herman, a victim can initiate civil suits against many parties such as schools, employers as well as the sexual offender. View Additional Info Here.





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Lacey and Larkin End the Oppressive Era of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio had subjected the Hispanics and the Latinos to discrimination and oppression about which everyone in Maricopa County was unhappy. People felt that these communities despite being immigrants deserved better treatment than what they received from the county administrators.

This was not a one-time issue because the oppression and discrimination against the two communities had transpired since the inauguration of the rogue sheriff in 1992.

However, in spite of the other native communities feeling disgruntled by the ill deeds of the sheriff and his administration officers, their efforts to liberate the immigrants’ groups remained futile since the sheriff could punish anyone who dared to oppose his way of administering the county.

This fear had translated even to the media house who felt threatened by the administration and feared the reckless and illegal arrests that were perpetrated by the county officers under the orders of Sheriff Arpaio. One day, however, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey decided to bite the bullet. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The two were professional journalists who owned a newspaper called the Village Voice Media. They had keenly observed all the ongoing misdeeds and oppressive mechanisms to which the Latinos and the Hispanics had been subjected.

Lacey and Larkin, therefore, decided that despite all the threats and the intimidations that had been instilled by the sheriff, they would try their best to liberate the immigrants’ communities from the oppression of the county administrators.

The action that they took was to publish the actions of the county administration on their newspaper’s column. Jim and Lacey categorically indicated that the ongoing harassment of the immigrants was an illegal scheme by the sheriff to perpetuate ethnic profiling. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They also disclosed to the public that the same sheriff, Arpaio, had illegally formed a Grand Jury which could execute the Hispanics and the Latinos extra-judicially.

These revelations hit the heads of many Americans but not as much as they did to Arpaio’s. This sheriff was so angry at the two journalists, and as it was the norm, he ordered an immediate arrest of the duo.

That night, the police officers from Maricopa County paraded outside the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin ready to abduct them and incarcerate them in the county prisons. This happened over-night but the next morning came the unexpected.

After receiving the news of the arrests of the two journalists, the public went to the streets demanding the release of the two. They were both released and immediately launched a legal battle against the sheriff, ready to discipline him against the evil of impunity and oppression.

They came to win the case in 2013, and they were awarded $3.8 million as restitution. This fund was used to open a fund that has been utilized in fighting for the rights of the immigrants.

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Paul Herdsman Talks About The Success Of NICE Global

Technology today has changed the way businesses are done. Starting and achieving success in business can be a challenge to many, and there is the need to get the necessary help from successful entrepreneurs like Paul Herdsman. When it comes to customer service, a company should ensure there are employees to do this. Such employees will be responsible for answering customer calls. Using automated machines may not be a solution because they do not offer the best solution possible. NICE Global is a company that is dedicated to helping other organizations because they are there to provide a broad range of service. Their services have been productive, and they are helping to retain customers.


Paul Herdsman’s origin is Jamaica, but today the businessman is based in Florida. He is the founder of a successful company called NICE Global and also serves as the Chief Operating Offer of the company. The main reason why he started NICE Global is to offer services to other companies so that they can boost their sales and at the same time maintain clients. They have been providing technical support, outsourcing customer services, boosting company sales and giving outsourced email marketing. Go Here to learn more.


In his recent interview, Paul Herdsman said that the company has succeeded because of several things. He talks of why it is important to reward your employees. His company is not focused on quantity, but it is focused on offering quality services to the customers. Also, Paul Herdsman rewards the employees who produce good results. NICE Global has also been investing in employees who join the organization. When they enter the company, they are adequately trained, and Paul Herdsman ensures all the employees are equipped with the right knowledge and the skills they need to do their best. It ensures that employees are working in a friendly environment and as a result, they can produce excellent results.


In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.


By working with NICE Global, businesses stand a chance of benefitting from services which are unique. Paul Herdsman has built this company and knows what is needed to have a successful business. Paul Herdsman experience is important in a business setup and will help a business to succeed.


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Francisco Domenech Has Worked Hard On Numerous Democratic Political Campaigns Over The Last Decade

Government affairs law firm Politank Managing Partner Francisco Domenech is also the founder of the organization Puerto Rico Young Democrats. Francisco is a holder of a BA in the subject of Political Science that he obtained from the University of Puerto Rico. He is also a holder of a Juris Doctor at the same institution’s school of law. During his storied career in the political realm, Francisco Domenech has worked with numerous different politicians from the Democratic party and has put in massive amounts of his time working in the areas of canvassing, opposition research, fundraising and management of political campaigns among other areas of work. Visit to learn more about Domenech.

Francisco Domenech was a devoted supporter of Hillary Clinton during her 2008 and 2016 Presidential campaigns. His work greatly helped Hillary Clinton to gain victory in the Puerto Rico primary polls. He spearheaded another victory in Puerto Rico for Hillary during the 2016 campaign. Another campaign where Francisco Domenech was instrumental in helping the Democratic party was during the 2016 election cycle where he was campaign manager for Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon during her successful candidacy for the office of Resident Commissioner for Puerto Rico to the U.S. Congress.

Politank is an organization that works hard to bridge gaps that often crop up between the business world and the government. The bipartisan consulting firm is based out of the United States territory of Puerto Rico and works diligently to help its clients to deal with public policy issues that have a major impact on their businesses and interests. At the current moment, Politank is actively representing numerous clients who are on the Fortune 500 list. These clients are represented before all government branches within Puerto Rico. The firm has a commitment to community and participates in extensive charitable activities and also offers pro bono work. the firm is led by outstanding individuals such as Francisco Domenech, Omar Martinez-Vazquez, Kenneth McClintock and Elisa Del Mar Munoz. Learn more:


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The life we are living today is full of frustrations ranging from private to social life. Poverty, lack of jobs, political instability, civil war, and now the most rampant is rape and sexual abuse. Each of the mentioned above are a sort of injustice and require proper judgement in case of a law suit.


Taking for instance, rape and sexual abuse, most cases fail because of lack of evidence or right witnessing, and this calls for experts to be hired to represent the victims. Skilled representatives or advocates will always win the case. When we talk of experienced advocates, we have the likes of Jeff Herman who has not disappointed any of his clients. To work best as an advocate, one needs to experience the pain by putting him or herself in the shoes of the victim so as to act with passion. Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer who supports victims of rape and any other form sexual abuse. He is the founder of Herman Law and is currently the Firm’s Managing Partner. Jeff Herman is dedicated to his work in helping victims find justice.


It hurts a true advocate to see somebody being denied off his or her freedom, and this is the pain that Jeff experienced by seeing a 4-year-old kid suffer after being abused sexually. Since 1997, Jeff has been running to represent such cases to see to it that justice prevails. Jeff Herman has been successful in all his cases because he does not depend on his wisdom alone but has a team of professional who investigate thoroughly on cases and bring out a factual document.


Like every other career, focus and determination form the backbone of success. Jeff has put all his strength in his profession by eliminating all distractions to make sure that he doesn’t disappoint his clients. Jeff is a loving advocate who understands the pain that comes with lack of power. Sexual abuse is stressful and reaps off courage from the victims. Jeff will first take the victims under a mentorship program to give them confidence and let the victims gain peace.


He works with law enforcement agencies which will help him to file the cases which in turn fulfills the requirement of the law. Jeff does not use underhand ways to win his case lest he defiles his profession. See This Article for additional information.


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Vinod Gupta: What He’s Doing With His Money

Born in the village of Rampur Maniharan near Saharanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India in the mid-1940’s, Vinod Gupta grew up with no access to stable education, or electricity, running water, roads and other modern-day amenities. Vinod Gupta was taken into the Indian Air Force in 1964 where he excelled, attaining the rank of Squadron Leader of the 14th Squadron when he left the Air Force.


He attended I.T.T. in Kharagpur where he received a B.Tech degree in agricultural engineering in 1967. He came to the United States the summer after graduating. Flying to Omaha, Nebraska on money his family had to borrow, he got his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Getting a job in marketing at Commodore Corporation in their mobile homes manufacturing division.


It would be at Commodore that Vinod Gupta noticed a huge gap in information: It was difficult to assemble competitor or business to business services. He began by assembling lists of competitors in mobile home manufacture from various Yellow Pages phone directories he ordered. He tried to sell his list to Commodore, but they declined, so with an initial investment of $100 Vinod began a mail-order business.


Years went by, the internet became a thing and Vinod’s company kept expanding until it was sold in 2010 for $680,000,000. Vinod has dedicated his fortune to helping get quality education for kids, especially women, in America and India. Read This Article for related information.


After not receiving a formal education during his early life, Vinod saw the positive role it played for him and wanted to help provide that. He has set up multiple charities in his and his son’s name that help fund schools and give students grants. He began a school in his own town where he covers all costs, from transportation to textbooks.


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Paul Herdsman’s Advice To Entrepreneurs

Many people have dreams of starting their own business and working for themselves. However, the amount of people who are able to achieve this are few and far between. Starting a business requires hard work, dedication, long hours, little pay, massive stress, and among others, persistence.

Paul Herdsman was able to achieve what most people can only dream of when he co-founded NICE Global, a nearshore business solutions company based out of Jamaica. He currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of the company. That being said his success wasn’t without struggle, but, he was willing to put in the work that was required for success. Looking back at his journey, in his interview with IdeaMensch, Paul Herdsman came up with a list of 12 Tips that contributed to the success of NICE Global.

First, a positive attitude is critical. It has been proven that people who are positive are more resilient, are better at solving problems, and have more energy. Second, Herdsman believes in willingness to take risks. Most people who are successful have failed at least once and this happens from taking risks. Third, make sure your business is something you actually care about. Fourth, have a firm vision for not just your business, but yourself as well. Start by determining what you want for your business in the next several years. Fifth, invest in your team. Business owners should pay particular attention to a person’s character and values because those are attributes that cannot be taught, whereas skills can be. Six, do not take shortcuts. In order to be successful, you have to work hard and do things correctly. Seventh, you will likely make mistakes and have failures, learn from them, and get back up to try again. Eighth, know your customers and their needs. It is impossible to deliver solutions if you don’t know the initial need. Ninth, deliver above and beyond what is expected. Tenth, persistence is key. Do not give up. Eleventh, find a mentor that you can trust, someone you can go to when you need advice. Twelfth, don’t be afraid to say no. If something doesn’t fit into your schedule or isn’t important to you, say no. Go Here for more information.


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Kamil Idris on the Importance of Intellectual Property Laws

The Director-General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) views Intellectual Property (IP) to be essential in the context of an economy. Professor Kamil Idris views the ongoing reforms taking place in the U.S. as a way to ensure the country has the best patent system. Furthermore, he urges that for the patent system to be effective, it should place the interests of the public, inventors, and creators as the priority.


Professor Kamil Idris advocates for countries to have strict IP enforcement standards that will safeguard stakeholders against illegal practices. They should also take into consideration the TRIPS agreement. This will enable them to decide whether or not to follow these enforcement mechanisms. He adds that, WIPO is committed to offering support to all member states on the legal framework of IP enforcement.


Professor Kamil Idris urges companies that are operating on an international level to be vigilant to protect outsourced manufactures products from getting offshored. This will ensure they protect and manage their IP assets. Professor Kamil Idris views Patent Cooperation Treaty (PTC) as an essential tool to international inventors seeking patent protection. Subsequently, he urges that WIPO is committed to ensuring the continuation of international IP system evolution. The treaty ensures that in the changing technological world, all the country members have practical and durable solutions.

On the issue of China and the newly imposed trade tariffs, Professor Kamil Idris views them as helpful to protect against IP theft. China has been violating intellectual property for many years. The violations include stealing trade secrets, counterfeiting popular brands, and applying pressure on businesses to share their technologies.


Professor Kamil Idris views the tariffs imposed on China as an aim to protect American firms. The tariffs will protect the firms that want to access the huge Chinese market by trading their IP rights. The concern of President Trump on trade deficits has been the reason for the imposition of the tariffs. It aims at having adequate protection for American firms for their IP rights. According to Professor Kamil Idris, the trade sanctions towards China aim to satisfy the unusual trading situations with America firms.

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From Grocer To Investment Bank To CEO The Career Of Gregory J. Aziz

The Imperial Car Company began building rolling stock for railroads in 1912. After 106 years the company is still in business and operating as National Steel Car (NCS). Since 1994 Gregory James Aziz has been National Steel Car’s CEO.

In the 1980s Gregory Aziz decided to put his degree in economics from Western University to work in the New York City Financial District. Born in London, Ontario Greg’s investment banker job in New York City would lead him back to his native Canada. His specific destination was Hamilton, Ontario the headquarters of National Steel Car.

The bank that employed Gregory J. Aziz wanted to acquire National Steel Car from its then owner Dofasco. The bank’s object in purchasing NCS was to turn it into the number one producer of railroad cars in North America. It fell to Greg to make that happen. In the first five years that he was at the helm of NCS production nearly quadrupled and the company’s payroll increased five-fold.

Prior to moving to New York Greg Aziz’s first practical business experience came from working in his family’s wholesale food business Affiliated Foods. He would be a part of Affiliated Foods for 16 years. By the time Greg left the family business, it was supplying fresh imported foods to wholesalers across Eastern Canada and the width and breadth of the US.

After more than two decades under Greg’s leadership, National Steel Car continues to be successful. Evidence of that success is NSC’s relationship with Canpotex and exporter of potash. Since 1999 Canpotex has purchased 7,000 cars from NCS. The value of that rolling stock is $500 million.

Greg Aziz is quick to credit the NSC’s 2000 employees with the company’s success. On his personal webpage, Greg recognized the gold medal Zoltan Tanac won from the Canadian Welders Conferences. Zoltan works in National Steel Car’s Robotics Department. The medal was given for a paper Zoltan authored entitled “Heat Input and Arc Energy – Why Distinction is Important”.

Canada and the US have an agreement in place creating harmonized standards for the safety of tanker cars that transport flammable liquids. The accord creates stricter safety standards. Committed to public safety Greg Aziz applauded the new standards citing rail accidents in the US and Canada that spotlighted the need to make the North American railway system safer. He added that clearer uniform safety standards will also benefit NSC’s customers. See This Article for additional information.


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What Success Brings For People Like Paul Herdsman

Success can be something that is life changing. For one thing, it brings a lot for people. Among the successful entrepreneurs is Paul Herdsman. Herdsman knows first-hand the type of benefits that come with success. Of course, the benefits that people gain with success depends on the type of person. However, Paul can say that he feels a lot better about his life now that he is a successful entrepreneur. At the same time, he has gained a lot of insight on what success really is and what it means to have reached one’s own goals.


One thing that success brings people like Paul Herdsman is confidence. One thing that can be said about an entrepreneur is that he is almost always going to be more confident than someone who is merely an employee. For one thing, an entrepreneur is going to be proud of his achievements as a businessman while an employee knows that he just has a job, especially if he is an entry level employee. Paul Herdsman’s confidence enables him to take on more challenges like being a leader. This is where entrepreneurs tend to learn a lot more about themselves and their businesses.


Another thing that success brings Paul Herdsman is a Set of Business Lessons that he can pass on to people who are aspiring entrepreneurs. These lessons are based on his experiences of pursuing his goals. Among the lessons he has learned from being an entrepreneur is to create a culture, invest in the players and solve a problem for clients. These are some of the most important lessons because it can bring the company forward. For instance, a company that has goals for going global is going to benefit greatly from having a bunch of the right types of employees for the company. See This Page for related information.


Check out Herdsman as he bares his business techniques in

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